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Veterans FAQs

142.  At this point in my life I would like to know if I am entitled to some type of benefits for what has happen to me and my family?

143.  What can I do to win my claim for PTSD?

144.  Please give me an opinion of my case.

145.  What evidence do I need to get an increase in compensation?

146.  I have hearing problems.  What can the VA do for me?

147.  Is high blood pressure caused by Agent Orange exposure?

148.  Can I file a VA claim for my adult children?

149.  Is there any way possible to speed up the delivery of my C-File?

150.  My buddies at the VA said I should qualify for SMC because my right foot is useless.  Your thoughts.

151.  What is the criteria to qualify for SMC L 1/2/?

152.  Is Parkinson’s a disability that is eligible for service-connected disability?

153.  With the status of "Secondary Ready for Decision" at this phase how long would it be until a decision is completed on my appeal?

154.  Can I file for depression and unemployability?

155.  Can I still say I am a disabled veteran?

156.  Why aren't veterans exposed to Agent Orange not getting compensation?

157.  Would it be worth my time and effort to put in for VA benefits?

158.  Do I have to apply separately for this compensation?

159.  Will a 32 GAF convince the VA I deserve to be rated at 100%?

160.  How can I challenge Comp & Pen results?

161.  How can the VA help me?

162.  How can I get started in using VA services?

163.  Why did the VA reduce my rating?

164.  Can the VA provide maid service?

165.  I still believe that there should be an adjustment based on the Nehmer class member entitlements. Any guidance to continue my belief would help.

166.  Am I eligible for Wartime veterans special compensation?

167.  Can a veteran's widow use his VA home loan benefits?

168.  Do I still receive an ID card?

169.  Is he, or his surviving children entitled to compensation for his early death?

170.  How long does it take for the VA to settle a claim that should have been settle in 2004?

171.  Would I have a case for MST compensation?

172.  Does anyone know of a list of Blue Water Navy ships?

173.  What is retro pay and what are the guidelines for receiving retro pay?

174.  Does anyone know where I can find my service medical records from Germany?

175.  Why do they not recognize bladder cancer as a result from Agent Orange?

176.  Do I have a valid claim for compensation?

177.  How long till I see the rating on e-benefits?

178.  Is it true that individual unemployability will end in 2020?

179.  Why is the USS Buchanan omitted?

180.  Can I still be rated for non-service connected disability?

181.  Why are retired veterans being made to pay for Medicare?

182.  What is the next step(s) I should do or who do I report health probelms to?

183.  I’m a Vietnam Era veteran at 90%, IU 100% and I’m 69 years old next month. Are my benefits ok?

184.  Can someone help me before I lose everything?

185.  Why do they say RAMP is faster?

186.  What am I supposed to do for care?

187.  Will veterans who receive IU be eliminated or will the current people receiving IU be grandfathered in?