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Veterans FAQs

188.  How do I start a claim for disability?

189.  How do I get my doctor to submit the DBQ he completed for me?

190.  How accurate can this C&P information be used?

191.  Are veterans living overseas allowed to shop on military installations?

192.  Can I get reimbursement from the VA for charges I had to pay for treatment received at civilian facility?

193.  Waiting for back pay.  Is this normal?

194.  I'm in a lot of pain, what can I do?

195.  How do I get a copy of my records?

196.  When the issue is "cut and dry" why should it take months to determine the outcome?

197.  I have moved, how do I notify DFAS of my new address?

198.  Will I get back pay for the time from which I applied for the hearing which was about 4 years?

199.  Is my wife eligible to receive aid and attendance through the VA?

200.  How do I get a Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC)?

201.  I have sleep apnea.  Can I get paid for it now?

202.  When will the VA stop me disability compensation?

203.  Are the aircraft carriers exempt from qualifying for HR 299?

204.  How does one get compensation for residuals of heat stroke which still affects me today?

205.  Why was I only given back pay for 6 months instead of the whole 6 years?

206.  How can I get that percentage increased?

207.  Is there any way I can get help?

208.  Can someone help me?

209.  How can I fix this so they will be taken care of?

210.  Wife needs assistance.  Please help us?

211.  When did my rights to ask question about my benefits become Null and Void?

212.  Does the Veterans Administration pay for the training and Veterinary bills for a Service Dog?

213.  Could this be claim?

214.  Will I be compensated for all of the time I waited for the VA decision?

215.  What is the least amount of money that your caregiver can get for aid and attendance?

216.  Are benefits available for end of life for a service animal?

217.  Why do we now have to prove to the VA in our claims that we had boots on the ground in the Nam?

218.  Can muscle skeleton pain be filed for compensation?

219.  I have applied for hearing loss compensation in the past and I never got it. What is my next step?

220.  Hoping someone can help me in understanding this?

221.  How do I apply and where?

222.  Why was I never compensated for Agent Orange?

223.  Why does the VA discriminate against peacetime veterans?

224.  Why was I not approved for high blood pressure?

225.  Why was I denied disability benefits?

226.  How do I get Telehealth service?

227.  How do I use eBenefits?

228.  How do I get medal?

229.  Why did I had to hire an attorney to file a Notice of Disagreement & drag this on for additional years?

230.  Which blue water ships are covered under new Agent Orange?

231.  I live in Germany, where can I get help to get my disability increased?

232.  Where are the rules when I can ask VA?

233.  How do I go about getting my service connection disability percentage for each of my disabilities?